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    Focusing on the lighting system related to furniture and furniture space areas


    Space design scheme

    LIN lighting builds an end-to-end solution in the furniture, cabinets& wardrobe field


    Lighting Life

    Light up the fine space you want to see,decorate the fine life you have used



    10 years focused on furniture & cabinet intelligent lighting system

    Excellent product quality

    The lighting products, with certificates like CE, ISO, UL&CUL, ETL&CETL, win excellent reputation in the industry from the quality.

    Innovative product design

    Owing to years insisting on innovative independent R&D products, we own many Patent products, With years having been insisting on innovative independent R&D products, although continue to be imitated, but never been exceeded.

    Useing light in a healthy way

    ILIN advocates the concept of “Light health” to use the light. Combined the lighting products with intelligent technology, makes the customers enjoy the convenience and comfortableness of lighting.

    Quality Supply Chain

    ILIN has stable and fast quality product supply chain from product design to product selling, able to meet the needs of each customer.

    Lighting Product

    The purpose is to achieve the perfect combination of local intelligent lighting with furniture.


    UL & CUL, ETL& CETL, CE etc.

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